Henry VIII "But First, Coffee" Travel Mugs

Henry VIII "But First, Coffee" Travel Mugs

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Henry had a lot going on in life. Endless marriages trying to get an heir. Fighting with Martin Luther. Then fighting with the Pope. Lots of executions. You know, just the regular stuff that eats away at your time. You probably have a lot going on, too. And sometimes, before you can face the day, you need coffee. 

This mug is cheeky, and will start conversations when you're drinking your morning coffee on the subway. If you're sitting in traffic on the 210 in Arcadia, you can pick it up and look at it, and feel smug because you're listening to (and supporting) a great history podcast in the car. When you go to Starbucks, and ask for your coffee in this cup, they'll be all, "wow, what an intelligent and good looking person!" It'll add character to your desk. It will add some Tudor flair to your kitchen. And it'll make you better looking. Well, I can't really promise any of that, though most of us are much better looking when we're compared to Henry VIII, so, there is that... Oh, and it also holds coffee, and keeps it warm! And tea! The uses are never ending :)

Remember, everything you buy is a Purchase with a Purpose, as I split 10% of profits between the local historic society in my hometown in Lancaster PA, and funding microloans to women refugee entrepreneurs through Kiva. 

---The Nitty Gritty Product Description---

This 14oz rugged coffee mug is made from durable aluminum. Includes spill resistant plastic lid and handle. Great for traveling on the open road. Hand wash only. Packaged in a protective box.