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Tudorcon 2022 Videos!
Tudorcon 2022 Videos!
Tudorcon 2022 Videos!
Tudorcon 2022 Videos!

Tudorcon 2022 Videos!

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Miss out on all the fun from Tudorcon 2022? Grab the recordings of the videos so you can watch and learn from home. Plus, a special offer to attend Tudorcon 2023 in person at a discount. 

Tudorcon is a three day event that happens every year in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, where Tudor history nerds get together for a weekend of Tudor nerdiness that includes parties, feasts, talks, and time at the Renaissance Faire. You can learn more about Tudorcon at englandcast.com/Tudorcon

These are the recordings from Tudorcon 2022, which happened September 8-10. 

The talks include:
- Henry VIII's Great Grandmothers
- Tudor food
- Music and Metaphor in Elizabethan music
- Tudor patent laws
- Katherine Swynford

Talks from leading Tudor authors, bloggers, and podcasters are included, along with slide decks so you can follow along as if you were there in person! Plus, you'll receive a money-saving offer to attend Tudorcon 2023.

Once you order, you'll be sent an automatic download with all the information to access the recordings and supporting materials.