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Virgo Constellation Pendant

Virgo Constellation Pendant

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This pendant will let you show off your Virgo pride. Read below for a history of the Virgo constellation, which, during the middle ages, was often associated with the Virgin Mary.

Please note that this necklace is shipped from a workshop in China, and so it will take about 3 weeks to arrive - don't choose priority mail since I won't be able to fulfill that.

From Wikipedia:

"According to the Babylonian Mul.Apin, which dates from 1000–686 BC, this constellation was known as "The Furrow", representing the goddess Shala and her ear of grain. One star in this constellation, Spica, retains this tradition as it is Latin for "ear of grain", one of the major products of the Mesopotamian furrow. For this reason the constellation became associated with fertility.

This constellation has always been depicted as a woman and, although assigned many different roles, has been associated especially with the tension between fertility and beauty. The Babylonians associated this constellation with the goddess Ishtar, also known under the name of Ashtoreth or Astarte. The Archaic Greeks associated Virgo with their goddess of wheat and agriculture, Demeter, who is the mother of Persephone or Proserpina and the association persisted through the Classical period.

Another Greek myth from later, Classical times, identifies Virgo as Erigone, the daughter of Icarius of Athens. Icarius, who had been favoured by Dionysus and was killed by his shepherds while they were intoxicated after which Erigone hanged herself in grief; in versions of this myth, Dionysus is said to have placed the father and daughter in the stars as Boötes and Virgo respectively.

During the Middle Ages, Virgo sometimes was associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary"

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