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Episode 055: Tudor Times on Thomas More

Tudor Times Person of the Month feature available here:

Five hundred years after he was executed by Henry VIII for refusing to accept Henry’s break with Rome, and proclaiming himself as the head of the Church of England, Thomas More is still an elusive and enigmatic figure. For some, he is a saint and hero who fought to keep the church from splintering. For others, he ruthlessly persecuted Protestants. However you see him, there’s no denying that he is a pivotal figure in 16th century England.

He is the Person of the Month for Tudor Times in September, 2016, and in this episode I interviewed Melita Thomas about More, and got some great unbiased information about him.

Here are some of the resources she mentioned, and places to learn more about him.

John Guy’s book on More’s relationship with his daughter:
A Daughter’s Love: THOMAS MORE AND HIS DEAREST MEG (Amazon affiliate link)

Peter Ackroyd’s biography

The Life of Thomas More (audiobook – Amazon affiliate link)

The Life of Thomas More (hardback – Amazon affiliate link)

The Life of Thomas More (paperback – Amazon affiliate link)

William Roper’s biography:
The Life of Sir Thomas More (Amazon affiliate link)

Richard Marius Biography
Thomas More. (Amazon affiliate link)

Jasper Ridley’s The Statesman and the Fanatic
The statesman and the fanatic: Thomas Wolsey and Thomas More (Amazon affiliate link)

More’s most famous work:
Utopia (Penguin Classics)

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