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Soundtrack for shopping

I have a vision of my perfect online Tudor England store. A place where I'd love to spend my internet-shopping time. I think a lot about what the experience would be like. It would be like going to a Renaissance Faire, surrounded by clever people, lots of music, and the smell of turkey legs.

The online experience would entail curling up on the couch with my phone, with tea or hot chocolate, lit cinnamon candles, daydreaming about being in 16th century Cambridge. The main thing about either experience is that the store would contain quality products with descriptions that were a pleasure to read (and would help me learn something). The next thing would be music. Both places would have music, and lots of it.

So I provide you with a soundtrack here, filled with Renaissance Easter and Springtime music. While I can't zoom you over the tea, coffee, or turkey legs; and candles are out of my purview, I can help with the music. 

Enjoy :)