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Episode 066: Reconsidering

Everyone has biases and lenses through which they view current events. But what about history? Those events already happened, so clearly there’s no biases when you’re just looking at old facts, right? Right? Not so much. In this podcast the gentlemen from the Reconsider Podcast (Erik and Xander) stop by (literally – they were at my house in Spain) and we talk about how our biases can affect the way we look at historical events, and how to use their Reconsider Principles to reframe historical events and look at them with more objectivity.

You can also check out their feed for an episode examining xenophobia in history, and how it relates to contemporary political issues. Kind of similar to the episode I did on xenophobia in Elizabethan history, but with a more political slant.

Check out their podcast and blog at http://www.reconsidermedia.com/

Then, just for fun, there’s this video of them doing the opening to the Richard III episode they did for me a few months ago, at Acinipo, a Roman ruin near my house. I highly recommend you check them out. They are seriously funny and smart guys.