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Episode 079: An Interview with Roland Hui

Roland Hui is an art historian, and the author of a new book, The Turbulent Crown on the Tudor queens.

What a joy it was to speak with Roland Hui, who has made an interesting discovery of a new portrait of Anne Boleyn, and also has a new book out on the Queens of England. One note: In the podcast we spoke about Levina Teerlinc. She was not a member of Anne of Cleves’ household – she got mixed up with Susanna Horenbout. I’m trying to make the edit in the podcast itself, but until then I wanted to specify that Levina Teerlinc was not in Anne of Cleves’ household. Thanks so much, Roland. I loved speaking with you!

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The Black Book of the Garter Painting:


Buy his book, The Turbulent Crown, here: (Amazon Affiliate Link – you pay the same price, but the podcast gets a percentage of the sale – hooray!)





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