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Episode 083: Mary Sidney

Episode 083 of the Renaissance English History Podcast is about Mary Sidney Herbert. There’s not a lot of information easily available about her life, but Melita Thomas from Tudor Times shares with us what she’s found.

One interesting tidbit is that she took a younger … erm … companion when she was a widow. Because she could. Rock on, Mary. Rock on.

Read the Tudor Times feature here:

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The Poetry Foundation entry on Mary Sidney Herbert with links

Wilton House, Mary Sidney Herbert’s home

Here are a few poems from Mary Sidney Herbert
The heavy weights of grief oppress me sore:
       Lord, raise me by the word,
As thou to me didst promise heretofore.
                 And this unforced praise
       I for an off’ring bring, accept, O Lord,
                 And show to me thy ways.


This is the International Sidney Society which is geared towards Sir Philip, Mary’s brother, but they have information on Mary there, too.