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Episode 41: Benjamin Redding

So this week I talked about Benjamin Redding about Boats!

Benjamin Redding is a final year PhD candidate in history at The University of Warwick. His research project – under the provisional title ‘Divided by La Manche: Naval Enterprise and Maritime Revolution in England and France, 1545-1642’ – is kindly funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. This project evaluates the relationship between navy and state in early modern England and France. His thesis considers naval development through administrative and financial advancements, quantitative growth, and visual representation. He is also an undergraduate tutor for early modern history, and is currently working on a journal article which considers naval development in Marian and early Elizabethan England.

You can follow him on twitter @BenjaminRedding

We talked about various types of ship building techniques, and he mentioned the carvel – here’s an article that gives more background: