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Got £70,000? Own a piece of Elizabeth I’s Jewelry

An auction house in London, Timeline Auctions, is selling some of Elizabeth I’s jewelry. The site now lists a ring owned by Elizabeth I and given to a naval officer after England defeated the Spanish Armada. Want to own it? It goes on sale on September 5, for £50,000 – 70,000.

The ring contains a portrait of Elizabeth on the front, and it was likely covered with an enamel to protect it. Naval imagery fills the jewelry, including a carving of Neptune holding his trident. And on the other side there’s a figure of Britannia seated within a shell. There’s also an engraving of a fighting ship that dates from the period of Elizabeth I, probably one that took part in the battle against the Spanish.

It’s likely that the ring was a gift to congratulate the commanders who defeated the Spanish. The auction house supposes that Elizabeth gave it to Sir Francis Drake or Sir Walter Raleigh. Elizabeth would often commission pieces of jewelry as gifts, and she gave Vice Admiral Drake a locket in 1588 after the invasion.

View the video below for more details!