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September 29 - Campeggio Arrives to Great Expectations...



Today in 1528 Cardinal Campeggio, the Papal legate, arrived in Dover in preparation for the special legatine court which would determine the fate of Henry VIII’s marriage to Katherine of Aragon. Henry had put a great deal of hope in the legate, and this court. But this would, of course, be the court that was unable to decide on a divorce, and the king’s Great Matter would drag on for another five years.

Cardinal Campeggio had pleaded with Katherine to retire to a nunnery, but she refused, and at the special court she gave her famous speech directly to Henry, swearing that she had been a true and lawful wife to him, had been a virgin when they married, and then swearing her love for him.

Henry was not pleased with the outcome of the legatine court.

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