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Suzi Digby talks 500 years of choral music in 34 minutes.

In 2011 I met Suzi Digby via Twitter.  Having found out that she is a choral goddess and was in Los Angeles for a visiting professorship in choral conducting and arts leadership, I immediately asked if I could take her to coffee and meet her.  I visited her in Queen’s College, Cambridge, and we talked about ways I could help her with some music marketing, and basically, I pretty much think she’s one of the most amazing human beings in the world.

Last year she launched a project in Los Angeles that pairs Renaissance English choral music with that of contemporary composers, called the Golden Bridge, and I volunteered to be an usher (the other usher was her husband).  The Golden Bridge is in its second year now, and she took some time to talk with me via skype about the project, and this second golden era of choral music that she sees now.  The audio is below, if you like tidbits about Byrd, recusant Catholics, and thoughts on why early music is still so important today.