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This week in Tudor News: April 13 Edition

The news cycle is fast, and it’s hard to keep up with our favorite interests and topics! That’s why once a week I make up this post with the top stories that have caught my attention.

11 Famous Sibling Rivalries Throughout History
Sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn duked it out over Henry VIII when the British king first took Mary as his mistress but later dumped her to marry Anne.

The secret intimacies of Edward IV: multiple marriages and a same-sex affair?
King Edward IV is remembered by many for his role in the Wars of the Roses, the 30-year struggle between the Houses of Lancaster and York for the English throne, and for his relationship with Elizabeth Woodville.

Historian John Ashdown-Hill re-examines what is known about the private life of King Edward IV, from his possible bigamy to secret same-sex intimacies.

A royal history of giving birth
From the very public to the virtually pain-free

7 famous siblings who have changed history
The last two rulers of the Tudor Dynasty Mary and Elizabeth I were half-sisters who left a nearly unmatched legacy in English history.

Book Review

Review: Lady Mary by Lucy Worsley
This book tells the story of Mary’s childhood over the course of her teenage years and her life from being a princess to a prisoner and lady-in-waiting.


Live Like A Royal In This 16th Century Manor In The Cotswolds
Slad Valley Manor, a beautifully appointed 16th-century manor house in The Cotswolds, is available to rent.

Westminster Abbey to open long-closed section for first time in 700 years
It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in London, but for centuries the most magical and impressive section of Westminster Abbey has been off limits to visitors. Now, for the first time in 700 years, the triforium – a stunning attic located high above the Abbey floor – will open to the public as a new museum space.