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This week in Tudor News: April 20 Edition

The news cycle is fast, and it’s hard to keep up with our favorite interests and topics! That’s why once a week I make up this post with the top stories that have caught my attention.

Mary Tudor – Queen of England | Biography
Jacqui Rossi talks about the tumultuous life of Mary I of England, from being disinherited to becoming England’s first female monarch.

15 Royally Amazing Facts About Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I took the crown of England on January 15, 1559. To honor the 456th anniversary of her coronation, here are 15 things you might not know about Good Queen Bess.

The rules of wrasslin’ – Cornish wrestling explained
Cornish wrasslin’ has been a thing for thousands of years and it is said that King Henry VIII actually challenged Francis I for a fight in 1520 on the Field of the Cloth of Gold – and lost.

Anne of Cleves
Anne of Cleves was Queen of England from 6 January to 9 July 1540 as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII.


Six Musical Tour, Edinburgh and West End
Six the musical featuring the six wives of Henry VIII will undertake a tour and perform at the Edinburgh Festival prior to a London run.

From Tudor queens to pop princesses, the SIX wives of Henry VIII finally take the mic to tell their tale, remixing five hundred years of her-storical heartbreak into a 75-minute celebration of sisterly sass-itude.

Book Review

Richard III: England’s Most Controversial King
This new biography labels Richard III as “controversial.”