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This Week in Tudor News: December 22

I’m going to try to start a new tradition – posting the top news stories I’ve read this week that have to do with all our favorite time period… If you enjoy it, I’ll keep track of the news through the week and post this every Friday. Let me know in the comments if this is something you’d enjoy!

Here’s what I’ve been reading about this week:

From the New York Times –
Forty Three letters written by Queen Elizabeth, William Cecil, and Francis Walsingham to Sir Ralph Sadler (keeper of Mary Queen of Scots at Tutbury) show the deep distrust they had of Mary. The letters have been donated to the American Trust for the British Library by an American businessman.
The British Library plans to digitize the letters.

From NPR:
The car park where Richard III’s remains were found is going to become a national monument.

From the BBC:
In 1509, his first year as King, Henry VIII spent almost an entire year’s taxes on his Christmas celebrations.
“Dr Sean Cunningham, Head of the Medieval Records team at the National Archives, said: “These records really do allow us to see the amazing wealth that surrounded the early Tudor kings.” Henry paid each of his choristers the equivalent of about $1300 for singing a hymn on Christmas day.

In Shropshire people are trying to pull together £500,000 to buy the home where Katherine of Aragon lived with Prince Arthur when she first married. The home is on the market privately, and there’s a campaign designed to get the money together to keep the home as a public museum.

There we go folks – the top stories in Tudor news for the week. Is this something you’d like to see weekly? If so, let me know!