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This week in Tudor News – December 29

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s Tudor News Roundup, where I grab all the Tudor News that’s been on my radar this week. Much of the news from Tudor England this week centered around holiday traditions and music, which is fine with me, since I literally can’t get enough of either one.

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Moving on, Greensleeves was a salacious pop hit, not a holy Christmas carol. Hint: Green was the color of prostitutes or “loose” women (supposedly because of grass stains when they were … you know …)

Hampton Court is getting an electrical upgrade, and as often happens with things like this, they are finding all sorts of exciting stuff as they dig and rewire:

Similarly, in Hull, a dig is recovering a blockhouse built by Henry for the city’s defenses in the 1540’s.

Suzannah Lipscomb recently gave a fascinating talk on an unsolved murder, and how that related to the Protestant Reformation in England. Here’s a synopsis:

In Property News, if you’ve got a cool 6 and a half million pounds laying around, you can own a home that is listed in the Domesday Book, and also belonged to Edward Seymour.

And finally, in Germany, this Abbey was shut down by the Vatican, and everyone was worried that their library – containing 1000 medieval works – would be lost. It’s actually preserved in Munich now, and there are lovely colorful illustrations and works from the 15th and 16th centuries. They are working to digitize the collection so you can check it out without having to fly to Deutschland.

I can’t sign off without a Music Recommendation, and this week I’m listening to: The Evening Hour – British Choral Music from the 16th and 20th Centuries.

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