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This week in Tudor News: May 4 Edition

The news cycle is fast, and it’s hard to keep up with our favorite interests and topics! That’s why once a week I make up this post with the top stories that have caught my attention.

Bloodthirsty Henry VIII letter at Norton Priory reveals the temper of the Tudor king
A 16th century draft letter demonstrating King Henry VIII’s infamous temper goes on display at Norton Priory from May 5.

Polygamy, Self-mutilation and the struggle for power. What are the religious schisms
Anglicanism: Religious schism due to the failure of the kinf to divorce. Due to the fact that the Pope refused to recognize the marriage invalid, Henry VIII broke with the papacy and declared himself head of the Church.

4 Saints who were holy lawyers
These saints strove to hold up the law and work for justice for all people. Among them is St. Thomas More who became a secretary and personal adviser to King Henry VIII.

Did Thomas Seymour Cause a Woman’s Death?

Feminism In The Middle Ages
Many of these women are known as “seductress,” “witch,” and “she-devil,” capable of using her womanly charms to seduce men in higher positions to gain power. These women created change that would have a lasting impact on future generations.


Monk Bretton Priory
Tucked away among industrial zones and sleepy housing estates are the ruins of one of the victims of Henry VIII’s acts of Catholic Suppression. Built almost 900 years ago, this priory has certainly seen its fair share of conflict. Despite being impressively intact in parts, it’s largely overlooked by both tourists and the efforts of historical conservation.