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Tudor Minute August 2: Mary Triumphs


On August 3 1553 Mary I triumphed over the Protestant revolt started with her half brother Edward VI’s death, with Lady Jane Grey as its figurehead. Edward, who was a Protestant, wanted to keep Mary, a Catholic from inheriting after he died young, so he tried to name his cousin Jane as Queen. The people didn’t support her, though, and Mary was able to succeed easily. So today she rode triumphantly into London accompanied by her half sister Elizabeth (the future Elizabeth I) as well as a procession of the nobility.

Mary called for the arrest of Lady Jane, though she was hesitant to sign Jane’s death warrant realizing that she had been merely a pawn in the game played by older men vying for power. Only later, after there was another rebellion in Janes name, did Mary sign the death warrant and have Jane executed.

Mary triumphed today, August 3.

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Melita Thomas at the September 2017 Tudor Summit about Mary Tudor