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Tudor Minute August 29: RIP Lucas de Heere

Today in 1584 Lucas De Heere died. De Heere was a Flemish portrait painter, poet, and writer who was a leading artist of the Tudor court after fleeing the Netherlands during the Dutch Revolt against Philip II of Spain. Philip was suppressing Protestantism in the Netherlands, and it led to a war - one that Queen Elizabeth helped fund. He fled to England and became an elder in the Dutch stranger church of Austin Friars. In 1576 when peace was declared, he returned home, but had to leave again in 1584 when the Spanish Hapsburg forces were back.

He was very popular during his career and became immensely rich. His portrait of Katheryn of Berain is held by the National Museum Cardiff. He painted a head of Philip II from the life in 1553, as a letter of Cardinal Granvelle documents.

In England he trained other young Netherlanders: John de Critz, probably Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, and possibly as well the English Robert Peake the Elder.

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