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Tudor Minute December 1: Happy Birthday Margaret of Austria


Today in 1530 Margaret of Austria died. She is remembered as one of the group of women rulers that were so prominent in the early 16th century in Europe, serving as Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands from 1507 to 1515 and again from 1519 to 1530, during a period of peace and prosperity in the country.

Margaret of Austria is also the woman at whose court the young Anne Boleyn was raised, and would have been most influenced by. She was artistic and creative, having a huge library including works by Christine de Pizan, one of the first women writers in Europe. She also supported musicians like Josquin and Pierre de la Rue. It was a glittering and cultured place, led by a strong woman, and this experience for Anne, very early in her life, would have given her many of her ideas about the role of women, as well as the arts and scholarship.

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