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Tudor Minute December 11: Aftermath of Executions

Today in 1541 London was reeling from the executions of Thomas Culpepper and Francis Dereham, that happened yesterday. Dereham had been arrested after Thomas Cranmer let Henry know that his fifth wife, Katherine Howard, was no virginal maid, and in fact had been with Dereham before she was married. Katherine admitted that she and Dereham had been together before she was married to Henry. Then Dereham mentioned Culpepper, saying that he had been replaced in the Queen’s affection by Culpepper. Katherine denied any kind of physical relationship, though Culpepper admitted that they had both wished to do ill with each other. Culpepper had his head cut off, while Dereham suffered the full traitor’s death of hanging, disemboweling, and being quartered. Katherine, who was still alive, couldn’t have felt any kind of confidence that her fate would be any different.

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