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Tudor Minute February 5

Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for February 5.

February 5, 1556 is when Philip of Spain and Henry of France signed the Treaty of Vaucelles. This was part of the larger Italian War that was going on perpetually in the 16th century between France and Spain – this particular iteration lasted from 1551-1559. Henry had signed a treaty with the Ottoman Empire for help against the Spanish, and it required Henry to attack Hapsburg lands in Europe while the Ottoman empire attacked along the coast. In this treaty, Henry was required to relinquish land to Spain, but the treaty itself was quickly broken.

It’s interesting that France would enter a relationship with the Ottoman empire, as they were Muslim, and supposedly Infidels. It shows the level to which Christendom was fractured in the 16th century that this even happened in the first place. Later on, Elizabeth would also pursue a relationship with the Sultan, and I’ve actually been working on a few episodes dealing with this aspect of Elizabeth’s foreign policy.

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