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Tudor Minute July 16: RIP Anne Askew

Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for July 16.

Today Anne Askew was burned at the stake. Anne was a pawn in a plot to implicate suspected Protestant-leaning women at court, including Katherine Parr herself.

Anne started off her adult life married off to a man originally intended for her sister, but her sister died before the marriage, and so she took her place.  She eventually sued for divorce for spiritual reasons, her husband kicked her out, and she moved to London and began preaching the gospel by heart. At the time she was arrested, opponents of the King’s current, and last Queen, Katherine Parr, tried to link Anne with Katherine in an attempt to bring the Queen down.  But even though Anne was illegally tortured on the rack – the only woman on record ever to have been tortured in the Tower – she never gave away any names, and never implicated the Queen. After her torture, she had to be carried to the stake – where she was burned – on a chair because her injuries were so great. The constable of the tower was so impressed with her, he refused to torture her, so others had to.  In part because of backlash against her execution, no more Protestants were killed under Henry VIII before he died.

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