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Tudor Minute June 6: Emperor Charles V visits London

Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for June 6.

Today in 1522 Emperor Charles V entered London on a state visit. He’d been in England since landing at Dover on 26th May. This is the trip where Charles met the young Mary, Henry and Katherine’s daughter, with whom he was officially betrothed. Mary was six, and Charles was 22 – they agreed to wait until Mary was 12 to get married. On this trip Henry also gave Charles a tour of his flagship Henri Grace a Dieu, and the Mary Rose, and Charles told Henry that they surpassed any ship he owned.

To celebrate the engagement to Mary, Charles gave her a pony to ride, and she led him to a window so he could see his presents  from her – the finest breed of horses, she told him. She then entertained him by showing off her musical skills, playing the spinet and dancing.

Charles wrote to the Abbot of Najera the following day,  telling him of his experiences, and said that after seeing Henry’s fleet, he had no doubt that the two could take on France easily.

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