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Tudor Minute May 15, 1536: Anne Boleyn’s Trial

Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for May 15.

Today in 1536 Anne Boleyn was tried in front of nearly 2000 spectators in the King’s Hall in the Tower of London. The Queen defended herself honorably, and admitted only to giving money to Francis Weston. Anne was pronounced guilty, of course – there was never any doubt that she would be found guilty. After all, the men tried before her were found guilty, so she would have to have had the same judgment, otherwise their judgments would have been wrong – they were found guilty of adultery with the Queen, so the Queen needed to also be found guilty of adultery.

Anne kept her composer as her sentence –  burning or having her head cut off, whichever the King preferred – was given. She didn’t argue, but did say that she believed there was some other reason why she was being condemned, other than the alleged crimes. After Anne was taken away, her brother George was also tried, with the same verdict, despite defending himself such that many people believed he would be acquitted.

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