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Tudor Minute November 19: Happy Birthday Charles I



Today in 1600 James VI of Scotland and his wife Anne of Denmark, had a son, Charles. This second son of James - who would become James I of England upon Queen Elizabeth’s death in 1603 - was never meant to be the King. His brother Prince Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, died in 1612, and at that point Charles became the heir.

Charles would become famous as the king who suffered the act of regicide in the English Civil War. His quarrels with Parliament would simmer until civil war seemed inevitable. By all accounts Charles was a loving husband and father, and if anything he may have been too lenient on his enemies, believing in his divine right to rule, and that nothing could end that. He was killed in January 1649, but after 11 years of trying to form a Commonwealth, there was still division in England, and Charles’ son, also Charles, was able to take back the throne denied to his father.

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