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Tudor Minute November 23: Elizabeth leaves Hatfield House


Today in 1558 Elizabeth I left Hatfield House, where she had been living as Princess, on her way to London, traveling as Queen. Her train of followers was nearly 1000 people, and she processed through Hertfordshire, being met in Barnet by the Sheriff of London who rode with her down the Great North Road, through Highgate, which was just a tiny village then, to the City. Random Fun Fact: When I first moved to London, I lived in Barnet. It’s the last stop on the Northern Line, just after a stop that has the most quintessentially British name, Totteridge and Whetstone. Anyway, I digress.

Elizabeth had no trouble in claiming the throne. There were no other claimants, and the City was tired of the burnings of Mary, and were ready for a fresh start. The City responded in a way that has been described as rapturous.

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