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Tudor Minute November 8: Henry makes a move at Bridewell Palace

Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for November 8.

Today in 1528 Henry VIII spoke to the “nobility, judges, councillors, and divers other persons,” at Bridewell Palace. He wanted to talk about his troubled conscience, because he believed that his marriage to Catherine of Aragon was not legal. He said that because of his worries that Mary was not his lawful daughter, he had sent for a papal legate to know the truth and settle his conscience. He said, “If it be adjudged that the Queen is my lawful wife, nothing will be more pleasant or more acceptable to me…If I were to marry again, I would choose her above all women.” But he added that, if the marriage were ruled unlawful, “…then shall I sorrow, parting from so good a lady and loving companion.”

Henry thought he could take care of it swiftly and easily, but that wasn’t to be of course, and the question of the legality of his marriage would drag on for five more years until Henry simply separated from the Pope, thus setting into motion the English Reformation.

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