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Tudor Minute October 1: England Gets a Queen Regnant

Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for October 1.

Today in 1553 Mary Tudor was crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey. At the start of her reign, Mary was very popular – she had the support of the people after having defeated the rebellion to place Lady Jane Grey on the throne over the summer. There was also a lot of sympathy for what she had gone through with her mother, and there was a lot of goodwill towards her.

Her coronation procession had been the day before, September 30. It featured two people very prominently. Mary’s half sister Elizabeth, and her former stepmother Anne of Cleves. Elizabeth may have been there just because she was family, and later there would be a lot of tension between Elizabeth and Mary. Anne of Cleves was likely there in part because she had also been divorced, just like Mary’s mother. Anne and Elizabeth both rode in Mary’s carriage during her procession through London.

On October 1 she went by boat along the Thames to old Whitehall Palace and then to Westminster Abbey where Stephen Gardiner crowned her. The ceremony lasted until about 4pm when she began her coronation banquet. England had its first queen Regnant.

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