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Tudor Minute September 14 – Drake leaves for the Caribbean Raid

Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for September 14.

Today in 1585 Francis Drake set sail from Plymouth for what would be called The Caribbean Raid. The pseudo-war between England and Spain had been heating up, and much of that had to do with piracy of Spanish ports and it would culminate in 1587 when Drake raided Spanish mainland in the Singeing of the King’s Beard in Cadiz.

For this raid, though, he went to the Spanish islands in the Caribbean with seven large ships and 22 smaller ones.  He reached Santiago in the Cape Verde Islands on November 17, where he duly plundered and burned the town. On the 29th they set sail across the Atlantic and reached Santo Domingo on New Year’s Day 1586. They plundered and extorted a ransom, then moved on to Cartagena, where they occupied the town until March 26. Again they plundered, and collected a ransom. Finally they went to Florida, where Drake captured and destroyed St. Augustine. He was back in England by July 22, with boats brimming with Spanish gold and treasure.

The Spanish were not pleased with this English pirate.

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