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Tudor Minute September 15: Wolsey is Archbishop of York


Hey, this is Heather from the Renaissance English History Podcast, and this is your Tudor Minute for September 15. 

Today in 1514 Thomas Wolsey was appointed Archbishop of York after he was elected in August. He was rising quickly and by 1515 he was a Cardinal, which made him the highest ranking church official in England, even higher than the archbishop of Canterbury. 

He began to rise in the secular world, as Henry VIII recognized his skills, and was looking for someone to help him with the burdens of government. He became Lord Chancellor, and the King’s chief advisor. He was often seen as another king, and had more power than many nobility were happy with, considering he was born the son of a butcher in Ipswich. That he was able to rise as high as he was is a testament to his brains. He failed to negotiate the marriage annulment of Henry VIII, and fell out of favor. He went back to York to fulfill his duties as Archbishop there, and was recalled to London to answer charges of treason. He died en route of natural causes, so was never tried or convicted.

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