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Tudor Minute September 16: Henry's Great Progress


Today in 1541 Henry VIII was on his famous Progress to the North, and entered the city of York where the most important people in the city begged forgiveness for the Pilgrimage of Grace, which had happened half a decade earlier. His wife, Katherine Howard, was there as well, receiving a gold cup full of coins from those same city officials. 

The main reason Henry was there, though, was to have a meeting with his young nephew James V - the son of his sister Margaret. He was going to have a meeting with James - something that had been talked about for years. But James, who had no legitimate children, and was afraid of being kidnapped, declined to show up, even after Henry waited for him for about ten days. Henry was outraged at the insulte, and then the next month his sister Margaret died, so there was no one to help soothe the relationship between England and Scotland. 

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