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Witches and Ghosts Podcasts up and live!

For those of you getting into the ghoulish spirit, the podcasts I did with Brittany at the History, Bitches podcast are both up and live.  The first is on ghosts, and the second on witches and witchcraft.  Plus, for the second one I was outside at night and there were dogs barking, so, you know, it kind of adds to the ambiance.

You can listen to the one on ghosts here: (in which we discuss the many ways that Henry VIII’s wives are still floating around their old homes)

And witches here: (in which we discuss the history of the fear of witches, why it’s ironic that it was the Printing Press that really escalated witchcraft hunts, and some famous witchcraft trials like the Pendle witches, and poor Alice Kyteler who was the first woman accused of having sex with an incubus in the early 13th century)

I had a blast doing these, and am excited to do more partnerships with other podcasters in the future.  Definitely a good time was had by all.  I hope you enjoy the result.  Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section!

Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend! We had grand plans of going to Gibraltar to go trick or treating, but Hannah hates her dragon costume even though she picked it out (two year olds!) so we’re throwing in the towel and going to an amusement park in Malaga instead!