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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Tudor History Lovers (updated for 2019!)

Looking for the perfect gift for the Tudor lover in your life this year? Want to drop some hints to those loved ones who might need some ideas for you? This Guide will help you find the perfect gift, at various price points, perfect for a partner, colleague, sister, mom, or daughter! 🎄 🎁 🎅

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So here we go now... the Ultimate Tudor Gift Guide

1. The 2020 Tudor Planner

Back for its fourth year, the 2020 Tudor Planner this year is inspired by the Field of Cloth of Gold, which celebrates its 500th anniversary this year. Filled with facts about the Field, and more ways to dig deeper, plus a real planner's planner - habit tracker, tons of notes space, stickers, pocket, ribbon, etc. It's a gift that will look amazing on their desk, and will make them think about you all year long.
Price: $39.95

2. I Run on Coffee, The Tudors, and Magic: Magic mug

See how I did that there? It's a magic mug in that when you first open it up, it's just black. Just a plain black mug. But that mug holds a secret that will only be revealed when it's filled with a hot beverage of choice. In this case, given that it says "coffee" on it, you'll probably fill it with coffee. And that's when the magic happens. Because this message will appear. So when you first give it to them, they'll be like, "huh, a black mug, that's random." And you'll just smile knowingly, because you know the secret. 
Price: $17.95



3. Tudorcon 2020 Early Bird Ticket
This past October, over 100 self-professed Tudor History Nerds got together in a restored barn adjacent to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. There we spent three days partying, feasting, listening to live music, and learning from some amazing speakers. And we're doing it again - and better - in 2020. 

If you want to give this as a gift, and want something physical to put under the tree, I'll send you a card. Just make sure you order by December 15 to give the mail time to get there. 
Price: $299 

Anne Boleyn Tshirt

 4. Anne Boleyn Dress Tshirt
She can dress like Anne Boleyn without all the hassle! This all-over print t-shirt replicates the famous outfit from Anne Boleyn's portrait - complete with the B initial necklace. A fun outfit that will start conversations with other Tudor history enthusiasts everywhere she goes!
Price: $36.95

(note, there's also an Anne of Cleves shirt now, too!)

Tudor Lover bag

5. Tudor Lover Bag
She can carry around all her books and supplies in this bag that defines exactly what a Tudor Lover is, and announces it to everyone she sees. A perfect weekender bag at 24 inches wide and 13 inches tall.
Price: $29.95

Tudor women charm jewelry

6. Tudor Women Charm Jewelry
This collection is filled with portrait charm bracelets or necklaces, featuring some of our favorite Tudor women. Choose from a variety of styles, and portraits. Beautiful jewelry meets amazing historic women!
Price: Various, between $29.95 and $54.95


7. The Tudor Love shirt.
Or any of our tshirts, to be honest. But the Tudor Love one is my favorite - a gorgeous Tudor Rose instead of the O, I'm pretty sure she'll love it.
Price: $24.95


8. First I drink the coffee travel mug

First she drinks the coffee, then she reads the history books. If that's her life, she will love this travel mug, available in mint green, or stainless steel. 
Price: $19.95

9.  Talk Tudor to Me Hoodie
Because sometimes your family needs to remember that at the holidays you want to talk about fun things like the Tudors, and leave the politics outside.
Price: $29.95

10. What's a Queen without her King? pillow.
Tell everyone that the Queen does not actually need the King. When he's away she can be a regent and get some serious stuff done. Win battles at Flodden Field, for example. 
Price: $24.95


Or, if none of the above strike your fancy, consider a TudorFair.com Gift CardAvailable in multiple denominations, they have no additional processing fees, and don't expire. They can choose the gift they'll love, and it's delivered via email, so you don't even have to wrap it. Sweet!