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Treasures from Bess FAQ

What on earth is Treasures from Bess?
It's a monthly Tudor Treat subscription service named after my history heroine, Bess of Hardwick (you can listen to some episodes I did about her here). 

Every month you'll receive a box of Tudor and England themed treats, which can include jewelry, snacks, books, stickers, and spa treats.

What does this price include?
The monthly fee of $39.99 includes your subscription, as well as free shipping to the continental US. 

I'm not in the US. Can I still subscribe?
Email me, and we'll see how much it would cost to ship to your country.

How does it work?
All subscriptions that come in by the 15th of the month are guaranteed to get a box the following month - they go out the first week of the month. If your subscription comes in after that date, we can likely still fulfill it (we generally order extras of everything so we can catch the folks who come in towards the end of the month) but we can't guarantee it. If we can't fulfill it that month, you'll be in the following month, and we will make sure to move your renewal date so you aren't charged again before you've received your first box.

What if I don't like it?
That's fine. You can cancel any time, online, through your account. We want you to be happy, and we definitely don't want you paying for something that you're not happy with! We're pretty sure you're going to be happy, though :)

What if I want my book or product included in the box?
Hey, that's awesome! Just email us, and we'll talk with you about the numbers involved, and whether it might be a fit for us.