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The Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn  Love Journal
The Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn  Love Journal

The Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Love Journal

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In the mid to late 1520’s, Henry VIII was falling for Anne Boleyn. He was falling hard. And he wrote a series of love letters to Anne, which both discuss the day to day minutia of their shared goals, and the passion he feels for her. The letters were likely stolen from Anne, and now live in the Vatican library.

The letters from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn before they were married show the intensity of the passion of their romance, as well as its progression from being a simple attraction on Henry’s part, to an overwhelming love. While it’s easy now for us to look back with the cynicism of 20/20 hindsight, taken on their own, they are a remarkable testament to a love that still fascinates us, five hundred years on.

I’ve taken some of the most touching and poignant quotes from the letters, and designed a gorgeous journal featuring the quotes, paralleled with some glorious love quotes from the most brilliant wordsmith of all, Shakespeare, who wrote several decades after Henry’s letters to Anne.


If you don’t know me yet, hey there, I’m Heather, and I created and produce one of the longest continuously running indie history podcasts, the Renaissance English History Podcast (you’re on the site now – feel free to check out the archive, which is just a click away – I think you’ll like it!).

In late 2016 I created the Tudor Planner, a gorgeous weekly and monthly planner filled with Tudor history and music recommendations. I sold out of the first printing, and people love it!  This new project, the Henry & Anne Love Journal features 140 pages. The first 120 pages are narrow ruled with dotted lines, and there are 20 pages at the end that are lined with a grid, for those of you who are into Bullet Journaling.

The layout on each page has a quote from the letters, along with some of the most familiar love quotes from Shakespeare, which provide a juxtaposition, written decades on. Room for gratitude and daily love lists round out each page. Spend your journalling time actively with Henry and Anne!


The cover is inspired by a gorgeous and unique 15th century French illuminated manuscript 
book of hours that is shaped like a heart once it’s opened.